Why Encor solar? Well, let’s break down our process…

The first step is meeting with one of our solar engineers. Once our representative has determined that solar is right for your home and energy usage VIA an in home meeting, they’ll create a custom-design tailored to your roof shape, size, and energy consumption to create an optimal layout for your home. Then that rep will take a closer look at your roof and take measurements. Once we have the measurements, our expert engineers will design the solar power system on your home’s dimensions and your specific energy needs based on what the rep discussed with you in your home.

Your personalized agreement locks in your solar energy cost for the next 25 years. You’ll find the most important details of the agreement right on the front page. There are no hidden fees; we include countless guarantees and warranties to ensure that you and your home are protected. Encor is the first solar company of its kind, in the sense that from meeting in the home, to engineering, financing, and installing the system, you ONLY ever deal with Encor Solar.

Most solar panel system installations take only a single day, so we will coordinate with you to find a day that works best for you. We also take care of all the permits, inspections, and even your HOA; all you have to do is sit back and watch it all come together as you enjoy NO out-of-pocket costs, and an Industry leading 1.49 rate on our extended-term programs. When you choose Encor, you really are choosing the cream of the crop.

technician inspecting solar panels on roof

up close of solar panels